Búngaló is the new online home of Icelandic summerhouses

By Örlygur Hnefill | June 8, 2010 | 1 Comment

Bungaló co-founders Haukur and Steinar

If you are looking for a summerhouse near Húsavík, Mývatn or anywhere in Iceland for that matter, a new website called Búngaló might just be the answer to your problems. Haukur Guðjónsson, co-founder of Búngaló, told myHúsaví how the idea came about.

“It all started last summer when me and my friend Steinar Ingi were looking for a summerhouse to rent over a weekend. Neither one of us was in a labor union, which seems to be the most common place for Icelanders to find summerhouses, so we started looking for summerhouses on the internet.” After spending a few hours looking online Haukur and Steinar realized that there was no good source for renting Icelandic summerhouses online.

“Instead of complaining about it, Steinar started drawing out a design for a website specialized in summerhouses and I bought some books on programing. About 10 months later we officially opened the site and the response was apparent. Without any advertisements the site got a flying start and today we are getting a few thousand people visiting every week.”

Although the website is still in its beta testing phase, it is fully
functional and summerhouse owners around Iceland are already receiving a good number of orders through the website.

“The name Búngaló, was created after having spent a few weeks trying to come up with a good name. We needed something that would be easy to remember, unique, would reflect what we did but at the same time something that might be understandable all over the world. So I guess Búngaló is our Icelandic translation of the English word Bungalow. Bungalow seems to have a exotic and interesting feel to it and can be found in variety of languages, we could not find a good Icelandic translation of this word so we made up our own.”

visit to see for your self!

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  1. Haukur Gudjonsson
    June 8th, 2010 @ 11:50 pm

    Hi guys thanks for a fantastic article about Búngaló. We truly hope that the website will assist people in having a more diverse and exciting stay in Iceland.

    For those of you interested in following us you can check out our facebook page or twitter

    Best regards and thanks
    Haukur Gudjonsson, Búngaló

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