Húsavík Hotels open a new hotel

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The new hotel will open on May 25th 2012.Húsavík Hotels have announced the opening of a new hotel this spring. The new Húsavík Cape Hotel will open for guests on May 25th 2012. The hotel offers 16 spacious rooms with a view, located lose to the harbor on Húsavík Cape. The new hotel is in a historic house, built in 1950 by the Húsavík Fishing Company.

Húsavík Hotels also run a guesthouse, hostel and apartment rental.

All Mývatn hotels in one place

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Mývatn Nature Baths

The Nature Baths at lake Mývatn

If you are planning your trip to Húsavík, you might want to use the chance to visit Lake Mývatn as well. This lake is just an hours drive from Húsavík and is surrounded by spectacular nature, as well as being one of the best spots for bird watching in Iceland. Booking a hotel at the lake has now been made a lot easier by a new website called Mývatn Hotels that helps you find information about all the hotels and guesthouses around the lake.

Gunnar Sigfusson, one of the people behind the site, says he hopes the site helps more people to visit the lake and enjoy it like the locals do.

The most important Goal of the Summer

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Aron Bjarki Jósepsson

Aron Bjarki Jósepsson while playing for Húsavík team Völsungur last year.

Reykjavík Football Club KR is now one step closer to winning the Icelandic Premier League on Sunday, after a fine goal from Húsavík born player Aron Bjarki Jósepsson in the final minutes of their game against Keflavík tonight. The game looked like it was going to finish 2-2, when Jósepsson scored in the 92nd minute to secure the game for KR.

Radio presenter Freyr Eyjólfsson said on RÚV‘s Radio 2 following the game that this goal was the most important of the summer, and people should memorize the name Aron Bjarki.

Photo: Hafþór Hreiðarsson/

South African paddlers end journey in Husavik

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Riaan Manser and Dan Skinstad

Riaan Manser and Dan Skinstad

Riaan Manser and Dan Skinstad from South Africa have paddled around Iceland in a double kayak, the expedition beginning in March 2011, and are now about to end where they started on Husavik beach on Saturday 3 September from 12:00. Come down to the beach, join in the celebrations and welcome the paddlers back!

Two new exhibitions at Húsavík Museum

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From Ragna's Exhibition in Husavik. Photo/JS

Two new exhibitions opened at Húsavík Museum last weekend. In the art gallery on the top floor is an exhibition by local artist Ragna Hermannsdóttir from Bárðardalur, born in 1924. Ragna, who studied art in Iceland and in the Netherlands, gave most of her works to the Museum in 2008. Her exhibition is both colorful and powerful.

In the photo gallery on the ground floor is an exhibition of photos of the houses of Húsavík through the years. The photos are from Húsavík Museum Collection. With the photos are maps of Húsavík and plans of how the town should grow. Arnþrúður Dagsdóttir is the curator of Ragna’s exhibition in the art gallery and Arnhildur Pálmadóttir curates the photo exhibition on the ground floor.

Gústav Axel wins Chef of the Year Award

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Húsavík chef wins Icelandic chef of the year awardHúsavík chef Gústav Axel Gunnlaugsson has won the Icelandic Chef of the Year 2010 award. Gústav Axel was born in Húsavík in 1987 and is the youngest person ever to win this award in Iceland. Before his career in Reykjavik, he worked as a chef in Húsavík, first at the Húsavík Health Center where his grandfather was chef for decades, and later at Fosshotel Husavik and Gamli Baukur restaurant. He also worked for a while at London restaurant Texture while finishing his studies. Gústav or Gústi, as he is called by Húsavík locals, says his grandfather gave him the inspiration to become a chef. He is now working as a chef at Reykjavik FishCompany in down town Reykjavík.

New florist opens in Húsavík

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Ásdís Kjartansdóttir with her first customer

Ásdís Kjartansdóttir, a local woman from Húsavík has opened a new flower and gift shop at Höfðabrekka in Húsavík. The shop is called Blómabrekkan, a name that is put together from the Icelandic words blóm (flower) and brekka (hillside), as the shop is located in Húsavík’s hillside neighbourhood. The unusual part about this new florist’s shop is it’s size. The shop is hardly more than 15 square metres and might just be the smallest flower shop in Iceland. As a result, the shop has a nice, warm, comfortable feel to it. If you want to surprise your love while in Húsavík, the new flower shop is at Höfðabrekka 10, right behind Húsavík swimming pool.

So who really settled Iceland?

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Who settled Iceland?

So who settled Iceland? Might it have been Náttfari the slave?

If you are going to Husavik this summer, make sure not to miss Let’s talk local, a new play by Snæbjörn Ragnarsson at Gamli Baukur. The play is set in the year 870 when Swedish explorer Gardar Svavarsson and his slave Náttfari were the first Scandinavians to live in Iceland for one winter. Contrary to what you might think, this is actually a comedy show – and a very funny one, I might add – but educating at the same time.

The story is told from the viewpoint of the explorer and the slave, and challenges the standard school-book explanation of how Iceland was first settled by explorer Ingólfur Arnarson in 874. While the stage is set in 870, the characters jump back and forth in time and tell all sorts of tales from the history of Husavik, in both educational and humorous way. Garðar and his slave Náttfari run into various Icelandic supernatural beings, ghosts, elf’s and trolls on their travels though time. Six local actors take turn performing the show, two in each show.  The show is performed in English at Gamli Baukur restaurant, every day throughout summer at 15:30.

Fabúla and Unnur Birna at Gamli Baukur tonight

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Fabula and Unnur Birna are playing tonight in Husavik

Singer-songwriter Fabúla and violinist Unnur Birna are playing tonight at Gamli Baukur in Húsavík. Fabula and Unnur Birna have been touring Iceland for the past few days, doing seven concerts in seven days. The concert in Húsavík is their fifth one where they perform songs from Fabula’s new album In Your Skin, released late last year.

Fabula released her first album in Iceland in 1996 and has been active on the alternative pop scene for the past ten years. She has been nominated for the Icelandic Music Awards twice and came in third place in the Icelandic national final to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008.

The concert in Húsavík starts at 9 p.m. tonight.

Tour Dates:
June 6 – Höfn í Hornafirði: Hótel Höfn at 9 p.m.
June 7 – Vopnafjörður: Kaupangur at 9 p.m.
June 8 – Seyðisfjörður: Hótel Aldan at 9 p.m.
June 9 – Egilsstaðir: Sláturhúsið at 9 p.m.
June 10 – Húsavík: Gamli Baukur at 9 p.m.
June 11 – Dalvík: Dalvíkurkirkja at 9.30 p.m.
June 12 – Búðardalur: Leifsbúð at 9 p.m.

Búngaló is the new online home of Icelandic summerhouses

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Bungaló co-founders Haukur and Steinar

If you are looking for a summerhouse near Húsavík, Mývatn or anywhere in Iceland for that matter, a new website called Búngaló might just be the answer to your problems. Haukur Guðjónsson, co-founder of Búngaló, told myHúsaví how the idea came about.

“It all started last summer when me and my friend Steinar Ingi were looking for a summerhouse to rent over a weekend. Neither one of us was in a labor union, which seems to be the most common place for Icelanders to find summerhouses, so we started looking for summerhouses on the internet.” After spending a few hours looking online Haukur and Steinar realized that there was no good source for renting Icelandic summerhouses online.

“Instead of complaining about it, Steinar started drawing out a design for a website specialized in summerhouses and I bought some books on programing. About 10 months later we officially opened the site and the response was apparent. Without any advertisements the site got a flying start and today we are getting a few thousand people visiting every week.”

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